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The ultimate wine girl, Sophie Monk collaborates with Yellow Tail for the perfect wine pairing

''We don’t have to be fancy pancy.''
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If there was anyone who is the epitome of a wine-girl, a wine-lover or just an overall wine-enthusiast it would be television personality Sophie Monk.

Now, Sophie is joining forces with family-owned wine company, [yellow tail]. The collaboration couldn’t be more perfect as the pair share their life-loving spirit, optimism and straight-talking.

Sophie’s favourite is Bubbles.

(Image: Yellow Tail)

“What I admire most about [yellow tail] is that like me, it’s a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Wine has always been about sharing a few laughs with friends or marking special moments with family – it doesn’t need to be stuffy and complicated…just really delicious,” Sophie says.

Sophie tells Now To Love, she couldn’t wait to be [yellow tail] first ever Australian ambassador, admitting she actually reached out first!

“Well, I asked them if they would collab with me,” she laughs. “I actually genuinely love this stuff and I don’t endorse stuff unless I really use it, hopefully I don’t let them down, but I love it.”

“It’s the taste and its affordable.”

The new campaign, Easy to Love is centered around a matchmaking game show with Sophie as host and the five contestants with each embodying a different [yellow tail] wine. Why have love at first sight when you could fall in love with your perfect wine?

When pondering about her favourite wine match, Sophie agreed it can be dependent on the weather and her mood but her go-to is definitely a chardonnay or a red wine in the winter.

“Bubbles I’ll always have with any meal,” she confesses. “A red wine is good with steak.”

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“We did wine pairing the other day, and I think its whatever you want, whatever your palate likes. We don’t have to be fancy pancy.”

But being a wine-lover doesn’t mean you have to adventure across the country to taste the best-of-the-best. For “introverted” Sophie, she loves to be “comfy.”

“If I’m going to have a glass of wine, I’m going to be comfy. I’m not wearing a tight dress and high heels with my fat white feet. I want to be relaxed, enjoy it and [comfy] on the couch.”

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