Give your office a makeover: DIY your own home office with these helpful tips

Working from home will never be the same.
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In the past three years, we’ve become well acquainted with our home office set-ups. Whether it’s a dedicated room or a nook in your bedroom, it’s a space we spend roughly eight hours a day in. So, as an increase in work-from-home (WFH) continues into the New Year, why not treat yourself with a dedicated home office makeover. And the best part? You can do it all yourself!

Jazz up your home office!

(Image: Instagram/Oak and Orange)

DIY duo, Heather and Sarah from Oak and Orange have shared their tips on how to liven up the office space. After their most recent home office makeover, they have shared their best-kept DIY secrets that’ll have your space looking fabulous- no matter what you’re working with.

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Of course, before one starts any project, preparation is key. While a relatively simple DIY, there are a few key things one must prep before commencing their office makeover. Sarah and Heather recommend these few key tips:

  • Consider practicality: When planning an office DIY, allow for ample storage as it allows for a clear workspace, free of cords and other distractions.

  • Mood board: Sarah and Heather recommend physical mood boarding to inform design choices. By visualising your dream space, project work can be completed with ease. Partnering with Brother Australia, they recommend the Brother INKvestment home office printer for any printing needs.

  • Measure your space: One of most important tools in any home project is a tape measure. Before making any purchases, measure your space to ensure you have enough room for all your essential items.

  • Check the placement of power points: Checking power point placement can ensure their locations are suitable for your room layout.

Brighten your space

Heather and Sarah recommend sticking to a soothing colour palette to bring a sense of joy and liveliness to your workspace.

Commenting on how the environment you work in can impact your mood and motivation, they said, “more people are seeking ways to create spaces that bring them joy and inspiration to help offset the stresses associated with work.”

Inject some colour into your space.

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Slight tweaks over big changes

Before pulling your existing office apart the Oak and Orange duo recommend slight tweaks first.

“Office spaces don’t need to be extravagant to be beautiful and practical. By effectively utilising the space that you have, it is possible to create a dreamy office space where you actually want to work.”

And for those working with a nook, rather than a dedicated room itself, their top tip is to “choose pieces that not only serve a functional purpose but can also act as styling pieces. This will allow you to create a beautiful office space without wasting valuable area.”

Know when to save

Keep a balance between investment and savings pieces.

(Image: Instagram/Oak and Orange)

Keep a balance between ‘saving’ items and ‘splurging’ items. DIYers can save on decorative pieces which leaves room for practical investments such as a desk, office chair, and equipment.

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