That time a cavoodle befriended a Tasmanian devil, because #Straya

Ultimate BFFs!

The tittle of best unlikely animal friendship officially now belongs to Archie the Cavoodle and Hurricane the Tasmanian devil.

Archie the Cavoodle lives in Tasmania with his zookeeper mum, Elyshia Wignell.

Elyshia also happens to be hand-rearing little Hurricane, a Tasmanian devil joey and when he and Archie met, they formed an instant BFF bond that is simply too pure for this world.

Speaking to the Canberra times, Elyshia explained that though Archie was only allowed to sniff Hurricane at first, there was no stopping this perfect friendship forming.

Archie became very protective of baby Hurricane, following Elyshia around and watching her like a hawk whenever she was feeding the joey to make sure he was safe.

Hurricane and his three siblings are being hand-raised after their mother struggled to look after them.

Hurricane’s sisters will sometimes pop-over for a visit, but Archie doesn’t seem to mind being out numbered.

“Archie has always been extremely gentle and loving with Hurricane and to this day is often extremely happy just to sit by and watch as Hurricane plays around him,” Elyshia told the Canberra Times.

“However, when they do play together one of their favourite things to do, is play games of tug-of-war.”

As soon as Hurricane and his sister grow a little older, they will be moved into an enclosure and become part of the Devils in Danger Foundation breeding program.

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