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LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW: Belle Gibson in her own words

Listen to disgraced wellness advocate Belle Gibson who opened up about her cancer controversy and her fall from grace in this audio special from The Australian Women's Weekly.
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Was Belle Gibson’s story simply made up? Did she ever have cancer? Is she still spinning a web of untruths?

The question we’ve been hanging on is, ‘Why did Belle say she had cancer?’

In this special production The Weekly’s Clair Weaver talks about untangling the very tricky truth about The Whole Pantry creator.

In the audio you will hear excerpts from Weaver’s lengthy interviews with Belle and hear the 23-year-old try to explain, in her own words, the fact from fiction.

Take a listen.

**Note: In the weeks after this interview Clair successfully tracked down Belle’s mother and spoke with her. To read more click here.

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