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Tom Meagher pays tribute to Jill two years on from her death

Tom Meagher, the husband of Jill Meagher, has written an emotional tribute to his wife, two years after she was murdered in Melbourne.
Jill Meagher was brutally murdered and raped in Melbourne 2 years ago

Jill Meagher

In a Facebook post, Tom wrote: “Another year without you in the world Jill Meagher. I remember our last moments together two years ago this morning.

“You emerged from the bathroom beaming with Friday enthusiasm, wearing a towel that was wrapped so tightly around your head that it forced your eyes to slant upwards. Your skin was bright pink from your customary scalding-hot shower, and the edges of the towel left a white imprint on your forehead. When I left the apartment, I don’t remember looking back, all I remember is the sound of your voice singing, and fading slightly with each step I took, until it vanished.”

Tom Meagher

The 29-year-old Irish national, who worked at the ABC, was raped and murdered as she walked home from a Brunswick bar after a few drinks with colleagues on September 22, 2012.

“Days like this make it all real; how you loved to irritate and surprise me, how much you loved to dance in your PJ’s spilling red wine all over the floor,” Tom wrote.

“I still find your to-do lists in old leather compendiums and exam results, notes, sketches, stories and characters in the pockets of old bags. I read your diary, and laugh at how funny you were, even when writing only to yourself. I still keep your clown make-up and your perfume. The bristles of your hairbrush are still blunted by the sheer volume of dark hair wrapped so tightly around it that they’re impossible to remove. I keep the thousands of photos you kept of the family and friends you loved so much. You were a true original Jilly, a free soul, you were unashamedly you. I love you even more than you loved life.”

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