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I let my husband date my ‘twin’

...and it saved our marriage!
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Tehmeena Afzal-Quintana, 41, shares her story with Take 5:

Opening the photo my friend had just sent me, I stared in disbelief.

It was of a beefy guy at a nightclub with his hands on the waist of a young lady.

Your man, the message read.

It can’t be, I responded. He wouldn’t do that.

Bryant and I had met three years earlier at the high-end car dealership where we worked.

“Watch out for him,” colleagues warned. “He’s got a reputation.”

Bryant was my dream man so I chose to ignore them, and anyone else who told me he was unfaithful.

But now I’d received this…

Bryant had a reputation as a player. (Image: supplied)

“Are you cheating on me?” I asked Bryant, showing him.

“That’s a set-up,” he said. “People are trying to tear us apart because they’re jealous.”

Choosing to trust him, I allowed him to move in with me.

But in February 2020, Bryant started staying late at work.

By now, I’d left the dealership to start my own fashion line, so I wasn’t sure if he had legitimate reasons for doing so much overtime.

I need to get to the bottom of this, I thought.

So I hired a private investigator.

Little did he know, I’d hired a private investigator. (Image: supplied)

To my horror, evidence showed his late nights at the office were actually spent in the bedroom of another woman.

I kicked him out, but Bryant begged me to take him back.

“I made a mistake,” he pleaded.

We were about to be sent into COVID lockdown, and not wanting to do it alone, I gave him another chance.

One night, we were sipping cocktails in the kitchen when Bryant got down on one knee and proposed. Any concerns I had about his commitment disappeared.

Restrictions stopped us from having a proper wedding, but we got married in October that year.

Then, in March 2022, Bryant was asleep when his phone lit up with a message from my friend.

I love you too, it read.

I decided to give him another chance. (Image: supplied)

Opening his phone, I discovered Bryant had been secretly confessing his love to her.

He tried to deny it, but the proof was all there.

The sensible response would have been divorce, but I didn’t want to break up, I loved him.

Something had to change, though.

After a lot of tears, I came up with an interesting idea.

“Obviously, you have a problem,” I said.

He didn’t argue.

“So I’m willing to let you be with other people,” I continued. “But I want to be part of it.”

He had a problem, but I still loved him. (Image: supplied)

I was offering to invite other women into our marriage in order to save it.

Bryant was happy to give it a go, so we laid out some ground rules.

“You’re not allowed to hook up with anyone when I’m not there,” I stated.

Bryant agreed before adding a second rule.

“No dudes,” he laughed.

Even though I’d never been with a woman before, I did find them attractive.

To find the right girl, we turned to Bryant’s social media.

We went on dates with women from around the US, where we live, and while it was usually a good time, none of them worked out long-term.

Then, in mid-2022, Bryant showed me the profile of a 29-year-old from Perth named Kyrah Johnson who he’d been chatting to and I gasped.

In 2022, we me Kyrah online. (Image: supplied)

Everything about her looked exactly like me!

“There’s another Tehmeena on the other side of the world,” I said. “How is this possible?”

The idea of bringing my mirror-image into our marriage was bizarre, but the more I considered it, the more I could see its advantages.

I wouldn’t feel jealous if he found her attractive and I was sure I’d get on with someone with such good taste!

When I spoke to Kyrah on the phone, I reassured her that it was okay she’d been texting my husband.

As we chatted, I was taken by our similarities and her sincere heart.

Bryant and I had been planning a trip to New Orleans for our wedding anniversary in October.

“Let’s bring Kyrah,” I suggested.

We invited Kyrah to come to New Orleans with us. (Image: supplied)

Bryant was equally keen, so we flew her out to travel with us for two weeks.

We got on so well it felt like we’d known each other for years.

“Are you sisters?” people would ask us on the street.

“She’s my twin from Australia,” I would reply.

Kyrah had her own room, but she often climbed into bed with us.

Amazingly, I felt no jealousy when she was intimate with Bryant as we’d formed such a bond and I was always involved.

Kyrah even shared our experience on TikTok.

The response was overwhelmingly positive.

You three are living the dream! one follower wrote.

People thought we were twins. (Image: supplied)

Millions became obsessed with the videos of this buff bloke with two identical girlfriends.

Soon, we were getting approached by TV shows!

But Kyrah had to go back to her life in Australia.

We managed one more trip together, but her duties at home meant she couldn’t keep up with the demands of showbusiness.

She said she’d be willing to move to the US, but she couldn’t say when.

I knew a visit from her every few months wouldn’t be enough to keep my husband from straying.

We had to let Kyrah go so we could meet girls that lived closer to us. (Image: supplied)

Sadly, we had to let her go so that we could meet other girls locally.

We’ve been on dates with different women since, but none have come close to Kyrah.

She was my twin and definitely Bryant’s type.

Strange as it seems, she helped save our marriage.

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Since bringing other women into our marriage, its never been stronger. (Image: supplied)

Bryant Quintana, 41, says:

I’m a player, so going into a long-term relationship was traumatising.

I cheated on her a lot. But now with other girls in the equation there’s no need. It still feels like a dream.

As long as Tehmeena’s cool with it, I’m cool with it.

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